Storyous is a modern and intuitive cloud POS system for gastro customers (cafés, restaurants, bars, pubs, etc.). The Storyous mission is to make it seamless for our customers to run their business. The restaurant owners can track their staff, manage inventory, and optimize sales from anywhere, just by connecting to the internet.

Our vision goes further. We want to become the one point from which all restaurant operations and services are managed - including delivery, bookings, loyalty programs, and more.

Storyous currently operates in Czech Republic, since 2016 in Poland, and is currently expanding to Spain and Hungary. The company first won its customer in March 2014, reaching 1,000 during 2015 and is currently helping to manage business in over 3,000 restaurants and cafés in both countries. Storyous also provides its customers with complex know-how from gastro industry while running a gastro e-magazine with thousands of everyday readers. Our professional and reliable approach towards our customers, along with super intuitive interface, efficient inventory management system, and openness towards third party integrations distinguishes us from our competitors.